Any developers out there?

Let’s nerd out in here and make everyone uncomfortable. What kinds of things do you work on? What languages and frameworks do you use?


I write code, but I don’t consider myself a developer. Mostly systems programming and scripting using Python and bash (and Perl once upon a time), plus configuration/state management code in Puppet, Terraform, and I used to use CFengine.

I’ll be doing some Python API development soon using Django, however.

I played around with Django for the backend of Relight. It’s really nice. I ultimately ended up using FastAPI because of performance and the fact that I don’t need their DB support.

We use the Django LDAP backend, and most of the systems that use the data query LDAP directly. The HTTPS API is primarily used for programmatic changes to the LDAP hierarchy.

I work on openshift (the Red Hat flavoured k8s), specifically the baremetal infra bits. Lots of yaml and golang. In past lives, I did a lot of Django, and React. I generally like functional programming languages like Haskell, Clojure (well, all the lisps), etc. I’m trying to learn Rust but it’s been infuriating.

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Backend Java both Spring and Enterprise Java, Oracle BI, Elasticsearch, Python data stuff, major Clojure fan, and most recently for the past few years, Native Android.