Beta 2021.10b: The Prayer of the Lord

This is a pretty exciting update. We’re launching our first modern title: The Prayer of the Lord by Dr. R.C. Sproul. Honestly, we didn’t expect to be able to have a deal with an actual modern publisher this soon—and we weren’t even 100% sure we would want to if we could. But Ligonier Ministries is one of our favorite confessionally reformed resources. They’re one of the main reasons Sarah and I are reformed, and our congregation often makes use of their teaching resources. Given all of these factors, we were excited to publish something from Dr. R.C. Sproul.

Beyond that, Sarah and I think this book is quite helpful. There are a lot of books on prayer that completely ignore or even diminish Christ’s teaching on prayer. This book is firmly rooted in His teaching on prayer and truly helpful—especially because in our experience, many Christians feel like they should pray more, but also feel that they don’t know how.

Anyway, because this book is on the Lord’s Prayer, you’ll see it show up not just as a resource to be read, but because of Relight’s nifty database and features, you’ll see it as a commentary on many Bible passages about prayer—especially on Matthew 6:9–13. You should also see it show up in the backlinks section of resources that talk about prayer, like the Westminster Larger Catechism question 196.

Oh, and by the way, the book is free to read on Relight! You don’t need to create an account or buy anything. You can just go start reading right now.


  • Added The Prayer of the Lord by R.C. Sproul
    • You can quickly navigate to a chapter in this book by typing: SproulLordsPrayer and then some number, like 3.
    • You’ll also see this resource in the library.
    • Paragraphs from this resource should show up in the Backlinks section of any verse it references.
    • Where applicable, paragraphs from this resource should show up in Related Content.

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With this monograph, the need for some kind of library management might need to be thought about

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Planning on it!

Top secret sneaky voice: I’m hoping to get the out, and then Matthew Poole’s commentary on the Bible, and then do some tweaks site wide to accommodate how much content there is now, as well as a bit of a refactor for the Omnibar to add a couple features and make the code for it more manageable.

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So excited to see this! Congratulations, definitely a hugely beneficial addition.

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Cool, let me know if you’d like to brainstorm on it

Organization is an obsession of mine when it comes to digital resources – as such, I’m naturally thinking, “How can Relight be organized better?” Would it make sense to start making categories in your system to differentiate Ligonier and other resources, so that they can be found under different respective umbrellas? Loving the update. Looks like I’ll be giving Sproul’s work a read!

How long, now, until we see “The Holiness of God”? :wink:

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Will do!

Yeah, my plan is to tag all the resources with the theological tradition (Presbyterian, Dutch Reformed, Reformed Baptist), the author, and the type of resource (book, Bible commentary, catechism, etc.). Then I’ll have filters at the top of the library that narrow your results to only what you’ve selected. :+1:

I’d love to import The Holiness of God, but since it comes from a different publisher (Banner of Truth, if I recall), we‘ll need to reach out to them.

Quick update just went live that corrected an issue with a verse reference in chapter 9. There are still a few issues with verse ranges and chapters when sharing verse ranges that I’m planning to get worked out sometime this coming week.

Second quick update: Actually, those issues should be resolved now, too. That went quicker than I’d expected. :partying_face:

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Fantastic work!

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