Beta 2021.11b: Omnibar Refactor

The Omnibar was originally written back before the front end rebuild earlier this year. I was able to bring over virtually all of the code, but given how it wasn’t built for the new system, that wasn’t optimal. I only did it because I really wanted to get the rewrite launched.

Anyway, I went back through and rebuilt it using some of the newer frameworks. The great thing is that it’s about 60% of the code and a lot easier for me to work with—meaning adding new features in the future will be easier. But wait, there’s more! Because while I was in there, I added some new features.


  • The Omnibar doesn’t break when you enter a verse range (it just takes you to the first verse in the range).
  • The Omnibar doesn’t rudely hiccup when you enter multiple verses (it just takes you to the first one).
  • The Omnibar (finally) doesn’t require a colon after any of the shortcodes (so you can type wcf or henry without needing a colon).
  • The Omnibar lets you search resources by typing something like: wcf covenant administration
    • Practically speaking, this means that—for example—if you are trying to get to that catechism question that goes: “What is sin?” but you don’t remember the question number, you can type: wsc what is sin and be taken straight to it in the search results. I don’t know about ya’ll all, but I expect I’ll be using this to impress people in Sunday school discussions quite a lot.
  • The Omnibar doesn’t take me like an extra 25 minutes every time I add a resource to the library to wire it into the omnibar and test.
  • The Omnibar should be a bit faster, I think, especially for those using the Omnify URL feature. If nothing else it will reduce server load a little.

Try the Beta

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This is terrific! I like being able to search a particular resource, that’s a big help. Thanks David!

Fixed a few bugs that @sbmikucki found in her QA pass and this is likely ready to go out soon.

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