Beta: 2021.7b: Matthew Henry’s Westminster Shorter Catechism Commentary

We’ve just pushed what should hopefully be the final beta of Matthew Henry’s catechism on the Westminster Shorter Catechism! This should be really useful for family catechesis, since it’s not-too-short and not-too-long. It will also show up under Commentaries when you click/tap the lightbulb icon for a question in the shorter catechism.

The catechism also works with all the other features you’re used to seeing with Relight resources, including its content appearing in places like Backlinks, Related Content, and Search.

We’re super excited about this release because it’s a big step toward Relight becoming a proper “Reformed Theology Study App.” Mind you, no one had ever really made one of those before, so we could have duct-taped an old motherboard to the back of a copy of Calvin’s Institutes and said we were done. But that would be silly. We wouldn’t do that.

For us, a reformed theology study app is an app that connects theology systematically and by reference. It lets you study the catechisms and confessions just like you would study a verse in a Bible study app.

Full Changelog

  • Added Matthew Henry’s Westminster Shorter Catechism Commentary
  • Fixed some layout issues around commentaries.
  • Fixed an issue with commentaries in backlinks.

Try the beta


Job 32:8. The backlink to the WSC commentary doesn’t actually show any text, just a “See Context” button.

Commenting here because I don’t think a beta bug is worth a new “bug report” topic.

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Thanks. I’ll look into it! Yeah, the idea I had was that people would report bugs in the beta in the thread for the beta. I’ll make sure to mention that next time.

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This should now be resolved! :tada:

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Hm. Perhaps not quite party time. In MobileSafari, it shows the wrong paragraph from the Henry commentary (paragraph 2 rather than paragraph 1).

Another oddity is that the beta bookmark/app on my home screen didn’t notice/change anything at all. I have no idea if there’s a way to expire the cache within that “app,” but force-killing didn’t seem to do it, unfortunately.

Ohh. Good catch. Thanks. I’ve got some theories on this and I hope to get a fix out this week.

Yeah, the app keeps stuff you load in local storage, which is a feature that helps the app remember where you were when you come back. I am very careful about invalidating that cache when the DB changes on production, but when I pushed this beta I made a mistake. This should be resolved when the bug is fixed-fixed later this week.

The backlink on Galatians 4:19 displays the correct paragraph.

Would it be possible, in the commentary pages, to include the catechism question itself? Or at least a link to the catechism question? I had to manually go to “WSC 35” to see the question this is commenting on.

Also, going to that link directly seems to show a Nuxt server error. I could only see it by looking through the resource page, or via the “show context” button in a backlink.

Pinging @DavidMikucki in case he missed the above from Sunday. I know, I shouldn’t be reporting software issues in church, but I wouldn’t have remembered without at least making a note for myself, and posting here takes only slightly more effort.

I’ve fixed the issue with getting the wrong paragraph in the backlinks, and I’ve added a link to view the catechism question to the header of the commentary. I still need to address the direct link issue you mentioned, though. Thanks for testing and reporting!

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Looks great, and the home screen app invalidated its cache as well. Thanks for continuing to improve the software and the experience!

Thanks for the thanks!

The direct link error should also be resolved. Hopefully this is the last bug and I can push to production around mid-week.

Is this OK? It’s in an expanded lightbulb on a commentary paragraph.

My gut tells me we just shouldn’t have those sections

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. But I wanted to see if @DavidMikucki had noticed or if there was any intention behind the current layout. Are those placeholders, perhaps?

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I get the same Nuxt server error on this Omnify search:

Which expands to this Relight link:

That Omnify search and the resource link seem to work OK on the production site, though.

Some of these paragraphs actually do work. I might agree that the Footnotes section should only show on paragraphs/content with footnotes, but Related actually does work on certain paragraphs (and will work on more the more as we add more content). In any case, I think I’ll go to production with this as the behavior, then I’ll add some logic to hide the whole Footnotes section if there are no footnotes.

Yeah, looks like my changes broke all the catechisms on beta. :sob:

But they are now fixed. Huzzah!

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