Beta 2021.8b: The Westminster Directory for Public Worship

Quick like a bunny, we’ve got another beta. This one does isn’t quite finished yet, but it’s got new content, so I wanted to push to beta in case people (like me) want to use it.


  • Added Westminster Directory for Public Worship
  • Fixed page titles on Henry’s WSC catechism
  • Added info about Relight message board to footer, FAQ, and about page.

Known Issues

  • The sharing isn’t working quite right yet. I got it mostly there, but then in a dramatic change of events, stopped working and decided to have dinner. I should be able to get sharing working this week, though.
  • There will be a few other minor fixes and tweaks in this release before it goes live, so stay tuned.

Try the Beta

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You… had dinner! How dare you, I can hardly believe it. I hope it was more than soup.

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More changes!

  • Fixed issues with share modal!
  • Added noindex rule to development sites to improve the main site’s SEO (yeah, I know, I’m a noob).
  • Fixed font sizing issue on chapter commentary.

This release should be stable and ready for production. But you know what developers mean when we say “should.” Thanks for testing!


Looking forward to checking it out!

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I say over and over that “should” is the most dangerous word in our business.

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One more quick thing for the changelog, the autocomplete options no longer hide the keyboard when you tap on them. So you can open the Omnibar, type ‘W,’ tap for the Westminster Shorter Catechism, then just type a number to get there (without having to tap the Omnibar again).

This bug was annoying to fix because iOS really doesn’t like web developers to be able to programmatically pull up the keyboard on an input field (probably for security reasons), but I found a workaround that should continue to be stable even for future versions of iOS.

EDIT: Sarah’s QA pass revealed a couple small bugs around Henry’s commentary on the WSC that I just fixed. This should be ready to go to production, but I don’t like pushing to production so close to the Lord’s Day, so I’ll plan to launch this on Monday. And I’m already around half way done the next beta.

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