Beta 2021.9b: The Canons of Dort

The Three Forms of Unity are reunited, and I hear it feels quite good.


  • Added The Canons of Dort
  • Added article number to Confession displays (not sure when they disappeared or if I ever had them, but they’re there now).

Known Issues

  • No proper book cover because @sbmikucki hasn’t made on yet.

Try the Beta

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Wow! Fantastic, now we can call this truly both P and R

Man, this was buggy. :rofl:

New update:

  • Fixed a ton of little things broken about this and rejiggered the unique identifier for each article/rejection to make more sense.
  • Fixed production issue @bakoind reported about duplicate resource references on confessions.
  • Fixed some other production unreported sharing issues with the Westminstesr Directory for Public Worship.

(bold is so I catch this later when building a change log for the final release)


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