Beta 2022.0: Robert Shaw’s Exposition of the Westminster Confession

Alright, this isn’t finished yet so a lot of things are broken or just don’t work. But this is a much beloved commentary, so I wanted to get it up on the beta for anyone who wanted to check it out.


  • I’ve added Robert Shaw’s Exposition of the Westminster Confession to Relight’s database.
  • Fixed spacing around the text in error pages.
  • Fixed some issues where “Try Even Harder” was throwing an error.
  • Made confessions show up in related content a bit more cleanly.

Known Issues

  • Still need to hook up related content. – Done.
  • Still need to make backlinks work on Scripture references (last I checked, it was showing them but clicking them wasn’t working). – Done.
  • Looks like some Scripture references didn’t get tagged, so I’ll need to look into that, too. – Done.
  • Still need to make commentary work when reading a confession article (in the lightbulb icon). – Done.
  • Before launch, I’m planning to make navigating the resource a little better. Namely, if you click the resource from the library, then click a chapter, you’ll get a list of articles to go to rather than navigating to the commentary on the whole chapter (which is pretty long and unwieldy for a lot of chapters). – Done!

Basically, this is one of the more complicated resources we’ve added because it’s a commentary on something that has multiple levels of hierarchy (chapters and articles), which leads to another level of hierarchy (chapter > article > paragraph). The good news is that once this is working, any other commentaries on confessions should just work when added.

Also @sbmikucki were on vacation last week and sick the week prior, so work has been a little slower. You should hopefully see more done in the coming weeks to make up for the lost time.

Try the Beta

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Okay, I felt silly that you couldn’t read the commentary in the lightbulb icon, so I hustled and got it working. Enjoy!

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This sounds fantastic!!!

Resolved basically everything that’s listed. The only things left are tweaking the library navigation to be a bit nicer of an experience (see edited OP) and QA.

Alright, things moved faster than I expected. The whole todo list is done and this should be ready to go, barring any bugs discovered by ya’ll all or in Sarah’s QA pass.

If all goes well, this could go to production sometime early next week.

Man, this resource was tough to add. I just fixed bunch of things Sarah found in her QA pass and I’m hoping to release tomorrow if no one else finds anything.

Again, thankfully this will result in future confessional commentaries being added much more easily. :+1:

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