Beta 2022.4b: Calvin’s Institutes

Back when we first started Relight, we said we wanted to eventually add systematic theologies. And you didn’t believe us. You laughed at us. Well, who’s laughing now?

Or maybe you did believe us, in which case, uh… cool. Here you go: It’s a systematic theology!


  • Added Calvin’s Institutes
    • There is still some work to do on this. See Known Issues
  • Fixed a weird layout bug when doing word studies on individual words.

Known Issues

  • I was excited to get this out there in some form, so not everything is implemented. Calvin’s Institutes is a more complex (more levels of hierarchy, more kinds of footnotes, etc.) resource so some stuff on it is still broken. Namely:
    • The top/bottom quick navigation is completely busted.
    • I’m really not sure if backlinks work at all from Scripture.
    • Calvin’s Institutes has “sections” which are often (but not always) just one paragraph. In the book, each section starts with a number and a period (like 1. ). These are somewhat commonly used to refer you to a particular place in his work. For example, you might reference Institutes 1.2.4. I want Relight to automatically scroll you to the right section, however right now that’s broken. At best it may link you to the right paragraph, at worst everything will break and you will be sad.
    • We’re planning to tag everywhere Calvin references his own work so that we can have backlinks. This will also work with future resources that may reference Calvin’s Institutes. Right now, only two of the 70 or so references are tagged. They will all be tagged before launch.
    • Also right now, tapping on a tagged Calvin’s Institutes reference just breaks. I need to figure out a good way to handle this, especially when a whole chapter is referenced.
    • Current book cover art is just a stand-in pending @sbmikucki’s final design.
    • I need to gracefully handle when the chapter number is 0 (for introductory stuff).
    • I’m not sure what state sharing is in.
    • There is a bug right now (also on production) preventing Scripture references from showing in footnotes when sharing confession articles. I want to fix that for this release.

Try the Beta

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This is awesome! Great addition to Relight! Thanks!

Very much looking forward to this! Thank you!

Sorry for the lack of updates, all. But we should be moving quicker now.

Updated Changelog

  • Fixed (hopefully) all issues with footnotes.
  • Fixed an issue with Word Studies that resulted in a chopped off drop shadow when studying an individual word.
  • Fixed an issue with the Omnibus being unresponsive when going “back.” This issue was elusive because it only occurred on Safari, and I usually do my development work on Chrome (because reasons).
  • Fixed some text formatting issues in the Institutes.

There are still some issues, but things are progressing (see list in original post).

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More changes. If this passes QA, it should go to production soon!

Updatedest Changestlog

  • Fixed search result headers for Institutes
  • Fixed chapter/volume 0 issues for Institutes
  • Fixed more formatting issues with Institutes
  • Links to passages in Calvin’s Institutes now take you to the referenced passage (so when Calvin references his own passage).
  • Fixed issue with WCF footnotes not showing in share modal.
  • Fixed backlink text for Institutes backlinks.
  • Handled references to sections in the Institutes. If you type something like Calvinst 1.2.3, it will now take you to the third section in the second chapter of the first book, rather than the third paragraph. This will be useful if you’re reading a book that uses the standard notation for referring to a passage in the Institutes, and you want to look it up quickly.
  • Fixed top/bottom navigation.

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