Beta 2022.5b: Relight Settings

We’ve gotten a handful of “could you change this?” requests over the years, and many of them are good ideas—just not something we want to force all users into. The time has finally come to let users sort of grant these requests themselves!


  • og:image meta tags are working correctly now, not that you really cared.
  • Added a settings icon (this is not the real icon, it’s a work in progress and will not be a construction vehicle at launch).
  • Added a settings modal (which you get to by clicking the icon, go figure).
  • Settings are:
    • Site Theme – just in case you want to rock Relight with a different theme than your other apps.
    • Navbar location – My theory is that people might like this on mobile, mostly.
    • Search Default – We’ve gotten a few requests that the site, instead of defaulting to search all content on the site, default to search the Bible. Now you can adjust that yourself.
    • Show Chapter Summaries – Some people like the chapter summaries at the top of the page (pro tip: you can tap a verse number in them to scroll down to that verse), some people may not. Now you can toggle them off.

Known Issues

  • While putting the nabber on the bottom does work, the autocomplete settings are a bit funky. Also I haven’t tried this on mobile, so I apologize if it’s awful.
  • I’m planning to fix some issues surrounding share modals and the lightbulb icon. If you know what I’m talking about, then you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, then you don’t care about this.

Updated Changelog

  • New settings icon implemented (thanks @sbmikucki)
  • Bottom navigation bar support is now only available on mobile. This is because it’s actually a good amount of work to make it work on desktop well—and probably hardly anyone wants it. If I get a lot of requests for bottom navigation bar support on desktop, I can always add it later.
  • Fixed the issue with the software keyboard covering the bottom navigation bar on mobile.
  • Share modal issue reported by Grant fixed (Share screen on mobile escaping container)

More tweaks and changes inbound still. Hoping to clean up a handful of little things in this release since it went pretty quickly.

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More Updated Changelog

  • As the Relight’s database has gotten bigger, the site has gotten a bit slower—especially with the addition of the Word Study feature (turns out there are a lot of words in the Bible). I’ve raised the database’s allowed-memory usage, and I’m in the process of optimizing some of the database queries that I wrote back when Relight was a wee baby web app; I knew a lot less about my database then, and didn’t have to worry too much about queries taking a while. Give it a shot; it’s noticeably faster.
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The Day of a Thousand Changelog Updates

  • Study lightbulb icons for catechism questions now slide their content up and down nicely (it was just snapping like some sad 1980’s interface).
  • Added translation info to the resource page for Calvin’s Institutes.
  • Fixed several issues with page descriptions (for things like social media sharing).
  • Fixed an issue where share modals were kind of flickering if you used them and then turned off and on the lightbulb icon. I like to think this flickering was a sign that a Demogorgon was near—warning users of their imminent peril before it was too late. But Sarah insisted it was just a bug, so now it’s fixed. Sorry if you get flayed or something. Oh, also they fade on and off smoothly now.
  • Lots of code cleanup. But you don’t care about that, do you? No. You were only thinking about yourself.
  • Fixed an issue where there was an option to do a word study on a chapter (word study only works on individual verses).

More Updates to the EverChangingLog™

  • The settings icon was kind of broken on mobile. This is fixed now.
  • Fixed issue where KJV Bible link from homepage was broken.
  • Tweaked some fussy typography things.
  • I think I fixed the issue with the homepage showing a full screen candle video on iPhone sometimes when navigating back.

@sbmikucki did a QA pass and made me fix some stuff. It’s all related to bugs with the new changes, so I won’t go into detail here.

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