Calvin’s Institutes navigation errors - Beta and Live

The Table of Contents navigates to the wrong place and the “next” and “previous” buttons behave unexpectedly between Books.

At the end of Book 1, navigating to “next” takes you to Book 2, chapter 2. Going back from there takes you to 2.1. Back from there just takes you to 2.1.1.

This is in both Beta and Live.

Actually, it may just be displaying “Book 1, Chapter 1” but the content is book 1, ch. 18

So the issue of the wrong chapter number showing on this resource is now fixe. I’ll need to do significant work to fix the (relatively edge-case) navigation issues you mentioned, so I’m putting that off for a future release since there are workarounds like using the Omnibar to go where you need to go.

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