Create on the fly links

I love the Omnify links that enables creation of links.

  1. Set up the Relight URL stem to trigger on a particular set of keys. I use “r/". The stem to use is

  2. Use the search terms to quickly create links to anything in Relight.


How do you set up the trigger? What browser do you use?

I used to have a Safari extension that did keyword searches like that, but it stopped working after a certain browser version upgrade (maybe v12?).

I set up the trigger on my Mac in System Preferences > Keyboard > Text
I think it transfers to my phone that way too.

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This works great! I never would have thought about using text replacement in the OS like this.

I have to hit the spacebar after the shortcut, so there’s a space between the stem and the search terms, but either the browser or the site is handling it just fine. I’ll probably set up more keyword searches this way…

You can even just type the r/ and then hit the reference like it is all one word and it should eliminate the space.

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Huh. OK. I didn’t expect it to expand when it didn’t show the autocorrect thing, but it does indeed work that way on the Mac.

It doesn’t work on mobile without adding the space, though, which is where I was originally testing this. It’s nice that it syncs between them, though.

I just tried this with Calvin’s commentaries and it works wonderfully. Therefore, if you know the code for the resource, you can write an on the fly link perfectly.

Most exciting discovery of the day so far.

If you click a resource in the library, you’ll see the code for it in the Omnibar on that page. You can also start typing the name of a resource to have it auto complete, then just copy and paste what it completed for you. :+1:

At some point I’m going to make a documentation site for Relight and include a list of all the short codes.