Deskop work mode

A mode available especially on a computer, or an large ipad where you can have the bible text always available on one side of the screen and all the resources permanently on the other side, in such a way you can see the whole bible text while also using the commentaries. This would be very neat when i work on larger portions of bibletext at a time, like when preparing for a sermon.

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I love this idea, ideally, there would still be a connection between the two, but would scroll independently.

Thanks for this suggestion! As of right now, this is something you can do by opening multiple browser windows, although there is no technical connection between the two windows. If multiple browser windows doesn’t quite fit the desire here, can either of you talk a little about what you’re looking for from a feature like this that the browser windows doesn’t support?

Thanks again.

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I would have to think it out more, but what I was thinking is that your selected passage would live in the left most column. The middle column would be where the lightbulb notes would open. There would be a direct link there. A third column could be for notes or more likely my note taking app with the browser window taking up 2/3rds of the screen. I’m one person though.

The advantage of having it not on two different browser tabs but on one is that there are a correlation between the text and the lightbulb panel, so i dont have to click on the lightbulb in both of the tabs. This might make it necessary to limit the number of lightbulb panels to just one verse at a time.

Thanks for your thoughts on this, both of you. I will likely look into implementing something like this in the not too distant future.