Do you accept donations?

Relight is fantastic!

I want to see it reach the whole world, so that all may glorify God as King!

How can we donate to this project?

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Hi @Blackwell,

First, thank you so much for wanting to donate. Second, sorry for the delayed response; life has been crazy lately. The short answer is that we’re not currently looking to take donations. We may at some point offer a sort of Patreon -like feature that would allow people to donate monthly to support more time in developing the app—this wouldn’t put any functionality behind a paywall (other than maybe some fun custom themes and app icons).

The main reason for this is that we would feel bad taking donations if it doesn’t actually result in more work going into Relight—IE, people seeing the fruits of their donations. It’s tough for me right now, with my current work situation, to spend any more time on development than I already do (even if I could be compensated for the time off from work). But if that changes, we will definitely let people know.

Oh, that being said, there are ways other than donations that you can help support Relight. This is some copy-pasta from the FAQ page, but it still applies, I think:

  • Tell people about the app! The more people who hear about the app and use it, the more leverage we have when talking to publishers about getting things like new translations. Seeing people read and study reformed theology is also our whole goal with Relight, so the more we see that happening, the more time we’ll want to invest in it.
  • If you’re a developer, especially one familiar with manipulating text, please reach out! We’d love to get help converting resources so we can use them inside the app.
  • Join our online community and report bugs, request features and resources, and interact with other users about how you use the app so that we can all learn tips and tricks from each other and make the app better.

Hi @DavidMikucki ,

Thank you so much for these two thoughtful replies. I certainly understand that life can seem crazy at times.

May I instead gift you and your wife some money to use for whatever purpose you deem best?

That’s very kind of you. Feel free to reach out to me via DM if you’d like and we can chat about it. Thanks!