ESV also in original language search

I often use the original language feature. When i search a word, its only in KJV even if i use the ESV. Could it be possible to make these crossreferences in the original language follow the main translation used?

Thank you for the feedback. I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. Would it be possible for you to rephrase your question?

Let me try. When i use the original language feature, i often look at the words and where they are used. These are always in KJV and Not ESV.

Ah. Thanks! This is because we don’t have data that ties the ESV translation to Strong’s. I believe we would need to get that data from Crossway. I would guess we won’t be able to do something like this until we have more users and supporters, since Crossway doesn’t generally license their stuff out (ESV included) for free.

Technically we should show the verse in the ESV and just not bold where the word is used, but we’d be making a lot of unsafe assumptions, given that the ESV uses a text that omits a non-trivial number of words from the texts used in the translation of the KJV (particularly in the New Testament). That and not being able to know where it’s being translated in the passage, I’m inclined to say that this implementation would be too limited and confusing to users to bother working on. Let me know if you’re of a different opinion, though, since we could hypothetically add a feature.