Font and textsize

Changing text size. Especially in the greek and hebrew text.

Thank you for the suggestion! This is actually something built into most web browsers. I’m not sure what device or browser you’re using but, I’d guess that if you google, you can find a quick tutorial on how to do it for your devices/browsers. We’ve tried not to implement feature that already exist in browsers since having the control in two places can cause conflicts and/or be confusing.

Thank you for your reply. I tried increasing the font on the browser, but this (understandably) increased the font on all tabs. This makes the font pretty large on all tabs (except relight). This makes me think that it might be useful with an Font Size selector in Relight.

Can I ask which browser you’re using? I know on Safari, this is a setting that applies per website. I’m curious which browsers don’t support that, since I was sort of relying on that implementation of the browser’s text size feature for Relight. I definitely don’t want people having to adjust font sizes constantly to deal with this limitation.