Greek NT Bugs from official Release

found some odd behavior in my initial review of the Greek Scrivener release…

The Holy Bible | Relight - pre-populates the filed with “gnt” - so if you hit the (->) button in the pillbox there, you get an error page.

Start here: →

if you type in ‘John’ - it goes to an engligh translation at John 1:1

pasting in “Ματθαῖος” in Greek letters gives me a Greek result, but only a search result, not passage navigation…

I see that I can scroll down and see a verse chooser - but I find it odd that there’s no clear indication that such navigation exists below, and I don’t even see a part of it using Safari on a 2021 M1 MacBook Pro 16"

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Correction, I do see the navigation link at the very bottom of the page… see attached screenshot:

BTW… this is awesome that you’re offering this resource!


Joe, thanks for taking the time to report these. A few things:

Good catch! There is supposed to be text there telling the user to type a verse reference, but it seems to be missing. I just corrected this for the next release.

I’m interested to know if this is something I can expect users will try to do. Typing books of the Bible in Greek seems like something you’d either need to copy/paste as you did, or switch to a Greek keyboard layout to accomplish. That seems like a pretty significant edge case. And considering how much work it would be to support (catching the names with/without accents, plus any abbreviations people might use ( Ματ?)… it doesn’t seem worth fixing at first glance. But if you are aware of a use-case where people would try this, I’m open to putting in the work.

Interesting that you didn’t see it at first. Strictly speaking, you should alway see it at the bottom of the screen, no matter what size display you have—but it may not be noticeable enough. Once the help text goes to production (see screenshot below for a preview), I’d be interested if you think this is sufficient, or if more should be done here for usability.

Thanks again!

ok - yeah… I think the “gnt Matt 5” way of entering resources is what I was missing. I figured since I had selected “GNT” - if I typed in Matt - or Matt 5 - it would go to that book in the selected resource.

The reason I copy and pasted Matthew in Greek letters was that I assumed since I was entering an English title, that was why it ‘switched’ me back to an English Bible.

As to not seeing the navigation, it just didn’t ‘call out for my attention’ there… but I htink the screenshot above would help a ton - especially if it would have some arrow down telling you that you can pick a book chapter and verse below… or somethingto that effect.

I like this idea and will consider implementing it in a future release.

Thanks for your time on this!