Hide certain elements, change fonts & light bulb icon

Loving this so far and only been using it for 15 mins. I would like to be able to (I would pay money for these things so maybe these are “paid” feature ideas):

  • take notes that are saved to my account and synced with all my devices. the notes should be easily viewed, with one tap or one click, but shouldn’t require that a note icon be displayed (i.e. you should be able to add a note to a highlight and the highlight should be enough)

  • change the fonts

  • toggle between different light bulb / light icons… maybe a cross… etc

  • hide certain elements such as certain commentaries possibly … I know the ones you have are there for a reason, but if you add the RSB for example (which I know you mentioned in a video so I’m assuming you will eventually try to get it - I also requested it in the Resource forum), then it might be better to just have one or two resources listed and hide the rest). I personally like only seeing what I actively use, so even though you are curating resources carefully, there may be users that don’t use all of them and would like to hide one or two, to simplify things.