Logo home link goes to the video of the candle

Thought this was a strange thing. Sometimes I’ll tap the logo to go back (can’t hit “O” key on mobile). For some reason it links to the video of the candle in full screen instead of focusing on the Omni bar.

I’ve seen this exactly one time myself. Are there any circumstances under which you can make it happen every time? Unfortunately, until I can reliably reproduce the behavior, it’s very tough to reproduce.

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Well at least I’m not crazy. I wonder if it is related to the times when you can type in the Omnibar, but the search button won’t work

I will try to replicate.

One thing I did notice is that it came right after the Beta site was down for a bit. Don’t know if it is related or not.
Update: It doesn’t seem to be related

Update, I got it to do so by opening a resource, hitting the home link, then selecting a different resource and hitting the home button again.

That’s most likely because I was pushing this update.

Here is the video of the replication from a restart of the app. Hopefully it is helpful

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Thank you!

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