Logos 10 launch

Logos 10 launched today. I haven’t gotten to examine in detail, but this seems at first blush to be more of a behind the scenes update. Some of the new feature set includes:

  • Faster lookup and response times
  • Redesigned timeline feature
  • Apple Pencil support for mobile
  • Quotes finder based on topic
  • Logos editions turn into audio books (I assume using similar technology to what David has utilized)

I’ll add more here when I get a chance to sit down and look through it all. As usual, a reminder that Logos has a different set of users than Relight. I present these features just as they are and as a base for trying to understand the problems they see as important. I would never suggest that Relight put in a feature because Logos has it. That would not be bright. Look at feature sets for entry points into how they think about and solve a problem. That same problem may not be seen the same by Relight users.