Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary Verse Reference

Hello, I am new here. I noticed this when reading Matthew Henry’s Commentary on John 19. The lick references point to Jeremiah


Though in the history hitherto this evangelist seems industriously to have declined the recording of such passages as had been related by the other evangelists, yet, when he comes to the sufferings and death of Christ, instead of passing them over, as one ashamed of his Master’s chain and cross, and looking upon them as the blemishes of his story, he repeats what had been before related, with considerable enlargements, as one that desired to know nothing but Christ and him crucified, to glory in nothing save in the cross of Christ. In the story of this chapter we have, I. he remainder of Christ’s trial before Pilate, which was tumultuous and confused,

Jer. 19:1–15

. II. Sentence given, and execution done upon it,

Jer. 19:16–18

. III. The title over his head,

Jer. 19:19–22

. IV. The parting of his garment,

Jer. 19:23–24

. V. The care he took of his mother,

Jer. 19:25–27

. VI. The giving him vinegar to drink,

Jer. 19:28–29

. VII. His dying word,

Jer. 19:30

. VIII. The piercing of his side,

Jer. 19:31–37

. IX. The burial of his body,

Jer. 19:38–42

. O that in meditating on these things we may experimentally know the power of Christ’s death, and the fellowship of his sufferings!

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