Most used on Relight

What Relight resource do you find yourself using most frequently?

I’ll start: The catechism/confession expanded footnotes. And, lately I’ve been writing out one question of the shorter catechism per day, reading the scripture references, and reading Henry’s shorter catechism commentary.


I typically use Calvin’s commentary most often, though I first click on the Geneva notes for a snapshot view.

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I mostly look at backlinks, because it’s such a unique feature. I’ve read more of the catechisms and commentaries just because they reference something I’m currently reading. When I was a kid I used to follow cross-references and commentary notes in my NIV84 Study Bible, keeping my fingers in pages just as if I were reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book. It’s kind of trippy to be able to do that backwards with Relight.


Hah! I absolutely love this!