New or interesting words, phrases, etc

I feel like, especially reading the Puritans, I frequently learn new words, or even just reading the Bible on Relight, I learn new “KJV-isms” that are quirky or interesting. I thought I’d start a thread! Would love to know any words or phrases as you learn them, and I’ll post mine here as well as I discover them. :slight_smile:

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I’ll start. I did not realize that the phrase “gave up the ghost” came from KJV in Genesis! Did you?? I was telling David I have a bit of a casual or irreverent association with the phrase, but clearly that’s a modern twisting. Here’s where I spotted it:

Here’s one more: “And Jacob sod pottage.” I had to pause and look up the meanings in the margins (I was reading in my Westminster Reference Study Bible). “Sod” means to boil or cook; “pottage” is actually a type of lentil soup or stew.