Release 2021.13: Quality of Life Improvements and “Try Even Harder“ Button

We’ve added a new way to find related content and we’ve fixed a number of annoying bugs and annoyances. This is our 14th release in the year 2021 and we’re excited to try to beat that number of releases in 2022.


  • Verse references are now displayed in a more human-readable and consistent way, thanks to a third party library called the Bible Reference Formatter.
  • When using a non-Bible resource with footnotes (like a catechism or confession), the verses will now be ordered a bit more correctly. Previously, if Psalm 2:1 through Psalm 12:11 were referenced, you’d get a bizarre behavior where they would be listed Psalm 2:1, Psalm 2:10, Psalm 2:11, Psalm 2:2 because of weird computer science-y things (waves hands).
    • This is actually part of a larger effort to get verse ranges to show as: Psalm 2:1–11 and to expand to open up to the first five verses in the range when clicked/tapped. This should be coming in a future release.
  • Added support for next and previous buttons when you come to the end or beginning of a Bible book respectively. So when you are on Psalm 150, the next button will show and take you to Proverbs 1 if selected.Likewise, if you’re in Proverbs 1 and tap Previous, you’ll be taken to Psalm 150. This will be useful if you keep a Relight tab open in your browser for things like personal of family devotions.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting an Omnibar autocomplete option added two spaces after the option, resulting in problems with quick navigation.
  • Introduced a new Try Even Harder button to the Related Content area. This works by trying to find pieces of content that have similar words and expressions to what you’re currently reading. It currently works with all resources except commentaries and Scripture.
    • This feature is experimental and we need your feedback on it. If users find that it consistently provides useful results, the results will be added to the main list of Related Content and the button will be removed.

Please make sure to play with the Try Even Harder button and provide as much feedback as you can on the quality of the results.

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