Release 2022.0: Robert Shaw’s Exposition of the Westminster Confession

We’ve added Robert Shaw’s commentary on the Westminster Confession of Faith. This is a great resource to use while reading and studying the WCF. He’s pretty thorough, but not overly verbose. In general, he can really help you understand a given article within just a few minutes.


  • We’ve added Robert Shaw’s Exposition of the Westminster Confession.
  • To clarify, you can get to it a few ways:
    • Scrolling to the bottom of the library on the homepage and clicking on it, then clicking on a chapter number and an article number.
    • Typing ShawWCF and then a space and an article or chapter number into the Omnibar (case insensitive, e.g. you can just type shawwcf 28.4)
    • Go to the Westminster Confession, click the lightbulb icon for an article, then you’ll see this commentary in the Commentaries section.
    • Additionally, like all the resources we add, you will see this commentary content show up in the backlinks section when studying a Scripture passage, and in the Related Content section when studying content throughout the site. You can also search the resource by typing something like ShawWCF baptism.
  • Other Fixes
    • Fixed spacing around the text in error pages.
    • Fixed some issues where “Try Even Harder” was throwing an error.
    • Made confessions show up in related content a bit more cleanly.

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