Release 2022.1: Quality of Life Improvements

This update makes a handful of things about the site easier to use.


  • Organized the library on the homepage by category to make things a little easier to find. It was getting a little unwieldy. In the future, we plan to let you filter resources by author, theological tradition, type, and other factors—but this change felt appropriate for the number of resources we currently have.
  • Added info icons to a couple of places throughout the app. Clicking or tapping on them will give you information about the feature they are near. Right now, it’s just Backlinks and Related Content (some of the least obvious features), but we’ll likely add more as time goes on and we add more features.
  • Backlinks are now organized by resource. These were getting pretty out of control with some verses having over 50 backlinks!
  • Merged Related Content with the content that shows up when you click the Try Even Harder button, and then removed that button. This fixed some bugs around related content that were introduced when I added the Try Even Harder feature.
  • Relight now uses Fathom Analytics – a privacy centered method for tracing website usage. More info below.
  • Minor tweaks not worth mentioning.

Analytics Explanation

We’ll likely add a privacy policy page in the not-too-distant future (or at least an FAQ section), but for now you should know that these analytics allow us to see what parts of the site are being used by what countries, what kinds of devices and browsers are being used, and what sources of traffic we have (IE, how many people are coming from Facebook, Google, Reddit, message boards, etc.)—they don’t let us see granular data about individual users.

We chose to add this tracking because it helps us know what parts of the site are most discoverable and it can inform future design decisions. We chose this solution over something more aggressive like Google Analytics because we really don’t want to that amount of data. It can honestly get pretty creepy how much those packages let you see if you really dig into all they track. Plus, we figure Google already has enough data without knowing what are users are up to.

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