Release 2022.3: Word Studies

We are introducing support for Word Studies through Strong’s numbers in Relight. This will enable users to get a glimpse into the original languages. We see it as a pretty major step forward for Relight in terms of it’s usefulness in studying the Scriptures. Note that this feature is a work in process and we expect it to become more powerful over time.


  • Added a Strong’s dictionary and a Strong’s tagged Bible to the database. Each verse is connected to the root words it contains. These relationships should allow for some interesting possibilities in the future. We’re hoping building it like this will power interesting features for finding synonyms and getting more relevant search results.
  • To do a word study: go to a verse you want to study, click the lightbulb icon, then click to do a word study. You’ll see each English word/phrase together with the Greek or Hebrew root word, the pronunciation of that word in English, and the Strong’s number. You can tap on a word to see more, including a definition, and tools to see everywhere that word is used in the Bible.
  • If you’re unfamiliar with word studies, we’ve provided some guidelines for how to use them which you can access by clicking/tapping the info icon (the circle with an i in it).

Make sure to let us know what you think of this feature, especially any ways in which you think it can be improved.

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