Release 2022.4: Calvin’s Institues

Back when we first started Relight, we said we wanted to eventually have Systematic Theologies. Today we announce that we’ve added our first systematic theology: The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin!


  • Added Calvin’s Institutes
  • Fixed a weird layout bug when doing word studies on individual words.
  • Fixed an issue with Word Studies that resulted in a chopped off drop shadow when studying an individual word.
  • Fixed an issue with the Omnibus being unresponsive when going “back.” This issue was elusive because it only occurred on Safari, and I usually do my development work on Chrome (because reasons).
  • Fixed issue with WCF footnotes not showing in when sharing.

Hey hey! Have been following for a bit now. Is there a Discord group for this stuff or mainly on here?

Hey @LeoC, thanks for posting. We don’t currently have a Discord. As of right now it’s just the message board. I’d consider a Discord if enough people were interested, though. I think you’re the first I’ve heard from.

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