Release 2022.5: Relight Settings and More

We’ve gotten a handful of “could you change this?” requests over the years, and many of them are good ideas—just not something we want to force all users into. The time has finally come to let users sort of grant these requests themselves! We’ve also made significant improvements to performance, and fixed lots of little bugs.


  • Added a settings icon and menu to the navigation bar. Settings are:
    • Site Theme – just in case you want to rock Relight with a different theme than your other apps.
    • Navbar location – Useful for larger phones where reaching up to the top is annoying (only on mobile).
    • Search Default – We’ve gotten a few requests that the site, instead of defaulting to search all content on the site, default to search the Bible. Now you can adjust that yourself.
    • Show Chapter Summaries – Some people like the chapter summaries at the top of the page (pro tip: you can tap a verse number in them to scroll down to that verse), some people may not. Now you can toggle them off.
  • Significant performance improvements thanks to optimized queries and allowing the database to uses a bit more RAM. I may find even more places to improve here, but the difference is already substantial.
  • Fixes for some image and description content issues when sharing pages to social media.
  • Study lightbulb icons for catechism questions now slide their content up and down nicely (it was just snapping like some sad 1980’s interface).
  • Added translation info to the resource page for Calvin’s Institutes.
  • Fixed an issue where share modals were kind of flickering if you used them and then turned off and on the lightbulb icon. I like to think this flickering was a sign that a Demogorgon was near—warning users of their imminent peril before it was too late. But Sarah insisted it was just a bug, so now it’s fixed. Sorry if you get flayed or something. Oh, also they fade on and off smoothly now.
  • Fixed an issue where there was an option to do a word study on a chapter (word study only works on individual verses).
  • Tweaked some fussy typography things.
  • Fixed issue where KJV Bible link from homepage was broken.
  • Fixed (I think) an issue that would sometimes result in the homepage candle video playing in full screen on iPhone.
  • Lots of code cleanup. But you don’t care about that, do you? No. You were only thinking about yourself.

It’s funny you mentioned the candle going into full screen because that happened once to me a few days ago :rofl: but it wasn’t a big enough deal to think twice about. Thought I clicked on the candle and it popped up.

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