Release 2022.8: Audio Support

We’ve added audio support to Relight!

For right now, it’s just the Westminster Standards, but we are planning to (somewhat slowly) add this feature to every resource we can, including commentaries and Scripture.


  • You will see a play button in the title area for resources that support the audio feature (currently just the WCF, WLC, and WSC). Tap or click on it to play.
  • You will also see a play button when you tap the lightbulb icon on an individual section for resources that support the audio feature. Tapping or clicking will begin playback at that section.
  • There is an interface for playing audio with features like skipping/seeking, play/pause, and (when clicking on the chevron), controls like playback speed and playlist selection.
  • You can control whether Relight automatically scrolls you to the article it is currently reading by toggling “Follow Along.” You can control whether Relight automatically advances to the next chapter by toggling “Auto-Advance Chapter” (this feature does nothing on resources with no chapters, like catechisms).
  • Omnibar navigation may now be snappier.
  • Fixed some search bugs relating to the Required References feature.
  • Fixed some missing resources in the Omnibar autocomplete menu.

Please give the feature a try and let us know how it can be improved.

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This is a fantastic feature! Thank you so much for adding it. Now I can listen to these Westminster confessions while riding my bicycle through the City of Westminster :wink:

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And now there is a video overview!

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