"Self" backlinks

Would it be possible to remove backlinks that reference commentary that’s already connected to the specific verse? For instance, the backlinks on Romans 4:2 include Matthew Henry’s commentary on Romans 4:1-8, which is already included in the “Commentaries” section for that verse.

Oddly, as I was writing this I noticed that the full-chapter Matthew Henry “Romans 4” commentary only shows up in the backlinks for this verse and not in the Commentaries section. This might be appropriate, but should the full-chapter commentary be included in the Commentaries section for every verse instead? Either way, it should probably only be in one place, though.


Yes, this would be amazing. I often click expecting to see something new, but it is what is already there.

I know I wrote some code to mitigate this, so I’m not sure all the reasons it might still be showing. But yeah, I agree. I don’t want duplicate results between the commentaries and the backlinks and I’ll plan to look into this.

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