Server down! (beta)

Uh, are you updating? The server seems to be down.

Looks fine to me…

The site was down for an unknown period of time, but not toolong. I think somewhere around an hour. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve now got Cloudflare set up to check a few pages every five minutes and tell me if the site is down. Now I need to rig a Shortcut automation around those emails and get a stronger notification.

Thanks again.

No problem, happy to help

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But seriously, it seems to be working now.

Good to know, not for me though

Weird. Have you tried a different browser? Or clearing your DNS cache?

Different browsers, different devices etc. the Relight page loads fine, but the Nuxt app itself does not load

Well, I tried on my phone again and now it is showing in a private browser window. I think it may have been the iOS 15.4 update. Still need to clear cache in Safari to see if that works

Oh! Never mind, it seems that just the Beta is down. Live is fine

Ah! I didn’t look hard enough and actually use the app. I thought it was working just after viewing the static page…

Looks like Nuxt is down on Beta.

I’m not seeing this. Are you still having the issue, @bakoind

Just tried again and it seems to be back!


Ok, to replicate, search
calvin prov 9
Calvin didn’t comment on Proverbs 9 so that might make a difference.

Beta is down. Getting “an error occurred “ when I enter something in Omnibar and hit enter

Thanks for reporting. This is fixed now.

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