Tapping same chapter doesn’t close modal

When tapping the Book Chapter number at the top of the page, it brings up a modal to select a chapter in that book. If you select the same chapter you are in, nothing happens. This is at least on mobile beta.

Is something else suppose to happen? I assumed this was standard as a verse option isn’t available as of yet that I know of.

Yes, it should just close the modal. This would be consistent with the way that selecting a different chapter works

Actually, I think what would be most appropriate might be to gray out the current chapter so it looks disabled. Then tapping it would do nothing, which would be expected for a gray/disabled button. But graying it provides the user with the context "you’re on this chapter, guy” which they may not 100% remember without it.


EDIT: Also thanks for reporting this. The current state is definitely a usability issue.


We should test it! Make it and we’ll work up a usability test

I like the “greyed out” option. I’m my opinion having the screen close if you click on the current chapter could lead to frustration if it was a miss click. I know that’s not like a huge deal but something I thought about.