Update 2021.8: The Westminster Directory for Public Worship

Another update with even more content. I added this because I’ve been studying it and wanted to be able to do so on Relight, but I suspect others will find it helpful as well. Even if your church has its own directory for public worship, you might appreciate reading this because it really strives to only require what the Scripture requires, without adding anything or taking anything away.


  • Added Westminster Directory for Public Worship.
  • Fixed page titles on Henry’s WSC catechism.
  • Added info about Relight message board to footer, FAQ, and about page.
  • Fixed issues with share modal.
  • Added noindex rule to development sites to improve the main site’s SEO. This should help people find Relight when searching for reformed resources on Google.
  • Fixed font sizing issue on chapter commentary.
  • The autocomplete options no longer hide the keyboard when you tap on them. So you can open the Omnibar, type ‘W,’ tap for the Westminster Shorter Catechism, then just type a number to get there (without having to tap the Omnibar again).
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Wonderful, I’ve wanted to read this, good to have it in Relight.

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