We have a new blog!

We remade our blog. Why? A few reasons:

  • The old blog was hosted on Squarespace, which is a nice service, but is also a little expensive—especially since the new blog is free to host.

  • When we made the blog, Relight’s branding wasn’t fully defined. This blog is much more in keeping with Relight’s look and feel.

  • The new blog is based on some of the technologies behind Relight (like Nuxt and VueJS), so maintaining, updating it, or tweaking the theme won’t be a hassle for David.

The new one is at the same URL as the old one: https://relight.blog

If you were using the RSS feed, it’s now located here.

If you’re nerdy enough, another reason we did it was because I wanted to use the Nuxt+Content module stack. Rather than use a CMS, the content on this site is just a pile of Markdown files. Since the message board also uses markdown, it’s gonna make writing a release announcement once and publishing everywhere really easy; I might even automate it at some point.

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I was going to tell you about a couple of Relight blog RSS failures today, but apparently this is the reason…

Note, however, that the RSS feed item links look like this:


Fantastic! Did this with a content website at work once. The idea was to teach the content writers Markdown and let them have at it. Never got to that point, partly because the dev and I were having too much fun figuring out new ways to use the content. We used code to define various sections of the page like headlines, titles, short titles, condensed info, and major sections of the page. That was great because then I could pull an RSS feed into an email campaign that would be properly set up for that, other areas of the site could pull in the data they needed, and other properties could do the same. It was really flexible for whatever we needed.

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Also, individual feed items have no dates. The only date I can find in the whole XML is the <lastBuildDate> for the whole feed. Well, and the years in the release number announcements, I guess.

Oh, thanks. I had dates working at one point, but then changed some things and forgot to fix them again. And I’ll try to get URL’s resolved, too.

@augmentedfourth The issues you pointed out should now be fixed.

OK, so this is super weird. When I go to https://relight.blog/new-blog via the link from the RSS feed, I get:

Page Not Found

Looks like you've followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn't exist on this site.

But when I go to https://relight.blog/ and click on the “New Blog” post, the address bar looks the same as the “broken link”, and I see a single-post page.

@DavidMikucki The error I’ve described above is still displaying.

Thanks. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but I hope to look into it this weekend.

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