Why does Relight's KJV Bible have different punctuation marks than OliveTree?

Good morning!

While beginning to study Proverbs this morning, I noticed that Relight uses different punctuation marks - specifically the location of semicolons - than OliveTree’s Bible App.

Would someone please help enlighten me on why there is a difference?

Please see the attached image, e.g. end of verse one.

Hey Alex,

There are actually several versions of the KJV with incredibly subtle differences (like the ones you noticed). The KJV that Relight uses is the original 1611. Various modifications were made to things like punctuation over time (sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident). The most readily available KJV text is from sometime in the 1700’s. I believe that’s what Olive Tree and Bible Gateway both use (although Bible Gateway allows you to use the 1611 specifically, calling it the “Authorized Version” because it is the exact version that was authorized by the Church of England).

I’ve read both pretty extensively and rarely notice differences—none of the ones I’ve noticed are particularly impactful.

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