WSC - linking to specific question is wonky - Beta and Live

I went to question 89 in the WSC from a link found via a Relight search. Instead of taking me to Question 89, it took me to the top of the resource. The URL is

Trying it in live, I just typed in a new tab the URL Instead of taking me to Question 89, it dropped me to Question 96. On refreshing, it takes me back up to the top of the WSC.

This has been an ongoing elusive bug, which I just realized appears only when you have study content loaded. Basically, it was starting to scroll when the page loaded—which is before study content expands—and then not scrolling down far enough to account for all the study content between the top of the page and your result.

The page now waits about half a second to scroll you down so everything can expand. I think this actually makes the scrolling more noticeable, which is kind of nice for not confusing users; they can see that Relight took them to the right chapter/catechism, and then see that it scrolled them to the right article/question).

Anyway, fixed in beta.

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