Zettlekasten Bible Study

Old friend LaRosa just published this Zettlekasten Bible study. Thought there might be something here that might inform Relight.

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Definitely gonna check this out. Thanks!

This kind of reminds me of something I’ve been learning in an inductive Bible study I’ve been doing. I was going through Philippians (link to inductive study) and you end up marking up a copy of the text (included in the back of the workbook) to indicate related ideas. For instance, I’ve highlighted all instances of "joy " or “rejoice” in yellow, all references to Christ in green, drawn a box around all commands/imperatives, etc. In Chapter 3 I’ve drawn a down arrow next to every instance of “loss,” a cloud shape around all “things,” and a few other symbols.

I’m not sure whether I get more out of reviewing the markings or just having thought hard enough about the text to have made them in the first place, but it was a really interesting approach. The leader of the study also had an app on his phone where he had developed a consistent system of marking/connecting concepts throughout the whole Bible. It might have been this one, but I’m not sure as I only saw it upside-down from across the table.

One of the videos has the person putting in the Bible text in its entirety into the Zettlekasten. It strikes me that Relight might be a good substitute for this since it also has additional helpful resources. The only thing missing is the link back to your own notes. We talked a bit about this before, but perhaps there is an opportunity when there are user accounts.