Comparison of Relight to csBible?

Asking out of true ignorance here; what’s the substantive difference between Relight and CSBible (

I subscribe to the Christian Top News-letter called the Pourover ( and they use CSBible for their scripture links.

Thank you again for Relight, and in advance for your answers!

Hi @AlexanderGan !

Thanks for posting. The link you shared to the CSB Bible online is similar to many other online Bibles—it contains the text and usually some cross-references.

Relight takes a different approach. It is a study resource that helps the reader dig into the Bible, the Confessions, systematic theology, and other Reformed resources.

I’m curious how you study the Bible and in what contexts? Are you typically reading through a large chunk at a time? Meditating on a smaller piece? Following along as the pastor preaches?

I use Relight for all of the above, plus sharing with my friends and for linking Bible verses to my NPO’s website,

Thanks for your help @bakoind

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No problem! Sharing is an interesting activity. I do like how Relight implements it, particularly the Omnibar link: (Passage or other resource look up here)

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