Group reading plans

You and a few friends would like to read the bible together this year. You’ve decided to use Robert M’Cheyne’s plan. How do you keep each other accountable?

Relight feature:

Each person creates a Relight account. One person creates a reading group, and adds the others. The plan manager selects the plan (Relight will need to learn a few plans).

Each day, you can go to the plan, and see what you’re supposed to read. You can check off the chapters after you’ve read them. After you’re done, you can see what progress the others have made. Optionally, you could submit a quick thought about the day’s reading visible to the group.

I think YouVersion does this quite well but I hate YouVersion.

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I like this idea. If built right, the feature could apply to any resource (Confession, catechism, books, etc.) I actually have a Craft doc with an extended outline of how this should work. Feel free to take a look here and let me know if you have feedback: Reading Plan Builder for Relight

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Agreed, YouVersion does quite a bit well, but I’m not a big fan of

Depending on the use case, a shared prayer request feature might be good, depending of course on end to end encryption being a thing.

I don’t know where prayer lists are on your radar, but Logos’ is awful (deletes parts of the prayer, too much management) but it has some good ideas (different prayer lists, some shared, some not, ability to schedule prayers, support for answered prayers versus deleting them) but they could do way more with this.

I think PrayerMate already handles prayers and sharing requests really well. I haven’t used the Groups feature hardly at all, but Andy is a skilled developer and I trust that it works the way he’s documented it to.

I’ll check it out. I like Logos and would prefer to manage all in one place.

Set up a new thread for prayer list
Prayer lists