How does Relight fit into your daily study?

I’m curious to know what your workflow is. Where does Relight fit in, and how?

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For my daily Bible reading, I actually use the Dwell app. I get distracted a lot when I read, and I’ve found that listening to it I can better pay attention to what I’m reading. My general practice is to go through the M’Cheyne reading plan, I like how you are reading 4 different passages of Scripture each day.

Incidentally, one thing that could be cool would be to build a plan based on the cross-references. Not sure exactly how, but perhaps Relight would be able to discover what chapters are most closely related and then allow for the reader to select how many chapters to read each day.

After reading scripture, I have a prayer list I keep in Logos Bible and I pray through that day’s prayer list items.

For family worship, I had been taking the family through the WSC, then started the WLC in Relight. I’m now reading through John, though I am reading from the Modern English Version.

Where Relight has been helpful is when I am studying a particular point of interest in the Scriptures generated by a question through a small group at church. It also may come about because I have questions about a certain passage. Those are some of the ways I daily study the Bible.

I don’t use Relight daily. My daily bible intake is based on some scripts I wrote years ago to download audio from based on the plan from Most of my Bible intake these days is for breadth rather than depth, except for sermons at church.

Usually I use Relight on Sundays. I start by reading the sermon text at breakfast and using Relight to prepare my heart for the passages. During the service, I really like looking at a different translation than the one being read aloud (ESV), as well as all the Relight commentaries and study helps that assist me in digesting/understanding the passage.

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This is a neat idea! You should post it in the idea/request thread. :slight_smile:

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That’s great to know! Thank you for answering!