Beta 2022.10b: ESV Bible

Besides a native mobile app, the ESV has definitely been our most requested feature for Relight. We think a lot of existing users will be really excited, and we’re hoping it encourages a lot of people who previously weren’t interested in Relight to check it out.


  • Added the ESV to Relight
    • You can type esv and then a Bible text to look that verse up in the ESV. This will not change your default translation.
    • You can see and use the ESV in the library on the homepage. Using this will not change your default translation.
    • In the lightbulb icon on a given verse, you can see that verse in the ESV (similar to how the Read Greek Text or Read Hebrew Text links work). This can be useful for comparing the KJV/ESV on a given text. It does not change your default translation. If your default translation is the ESV, this link will change out for one that lets you read the verse in the KJV (again, for comparison).
    • You can go to settings and change your default translation to the ESV. When you do that, you’ll see the ESV pretty much everywhere on the site, including when you click on a verse reference to expand it. The only exception is in resources where the author is quoting the KJV (or another translation) specifically. That will remain a KJV quote.
  • Added a helper tooltip to help people discover the study options that are revealed when you tap the lightbulb icon.
    • This will show until it is closed, then it should never show on that device again.
    • We added this because we’ve been surprised that a small number of people never notice you can click/tap the lightbulb icon and have thought that Relight is just a reading app.
    • I will likely release a small update in the beta cycle that should keep you from ever seeing this if you’ve already opened a couple of study icons. That way long term users shouldn’t be annoyed by it when it goes live. I realized after pushing the code that I could check for this. But at least now beta testers can see it.

This will probably live in beta for a week or two before it goes live. It represented a fairly large number of changes to the codebase and should be tested thoroughly before launch.

Try the Beta


Updated changelog

  • Fixed an issue where navigating to a specific verse in the omnibar sometimes would not scroll you to the verse properly.

Checked out the ESV in beta and the screen turns orange with an error message.

Sorry about that! This should be resolved now. Thank you for reporting git.

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Working well now! A little lag when pressing the lightbulb but once it “loads up” all the links works well. Thank you!

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The beta server tends to be a little bit slower than the main server because it has fewer users and usually doesn’t need to be as powerful. :+1:

Updated Changelog

Even More Updated Changelog

  • Fixed an old bug on iPads without a hardware keyboard that was making the omnibar autocomplete list pop up after you navigated to a new location using the omnibar.
    • This one was driving me nuts for a long time because I use Relight on my iPad all the time. I can’t believe it took me this long to fix.
  • Fixed an old bug that was causing misalignment of the share button when studying commentaries.
  • Fixed some bugs specific to the addition of the ESV.
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Most Updated Changelog Yet

Hoping to launch this next week if all goes well over the weekend in beta-land.

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Thank you David and Sarah

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